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By Mia Mercado May 10, Trying to understand your own mental health can be difficult in and of itself, let alone figuring out how to talk to your friends about mental health.

However, having that support system can not only help in your mental health journey, it can strengthen the bond with the friends you choose to confide in. Going into a conversation on mental health completely cold is never easy.

A friend to talk to

By the way, I have clinical depression. Anyway, how was your week?

A friend to talk to

Bonding over therapy stories and antidepressant doses with my friends is one of the most cathartic parts of lunchtime catch-ups for me. I spoke with Dr. Michele Kerulis over about how to approach conversations about your mental health with your friends.

Kerulis is a professor for Counseling NorthwesternNorthwestern University's online masters in counseling program. As an expert in both mental health and relationships, Dr. Kerulis has plenty of tips for broaching the subject of mental health.

Kerulis says. Finding people and places who are already having the conversations you want to have can provide a natural bridge for those tk in your massage room kingswood friendships. Kerulis recommends.

Let them in. They will happily let you lean on them, which is something all of us can use at any point in our mental fridnd journeys.

A friend to talk to

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