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Read the introduction to understand why multiple DLLs are used.

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The structure of the file is a basic Unity C script with a Start and Update methods. Additionally there are a of chats for the event generated by the UI components mostly buttonssome helper methods and the listeners for the SmartFoxServer client API events.

Chat buddy

Sex chat bad liebenzell only difference is that we need some additional listeners for the BuddyList-related events. This has been done on chat, to simplify the code. A more refined approach would update the specific list item to which each event refers, also discarding those events referring to the buddy user.

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Send new Sfs2X. ToString chat. This includes an image showing the state of the buddy, along with his name or nickname, age and buddy if set.

Chat buddy

Destroy buddyListContent. GetChild i. NickName : buddy.

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GetVariable BuddyMessenger. GetChild 0.

Chat buddy

Find buddyName ; if panel! GetComponent ; chatPanel.

Chat buddy

All these events are triggered by the user interaction, through the respective requests sent to SmartFoxServer like the following examples show. AddBuddyRequest buddyInput. GetBuddyByName buddyName.

IsBlocked; sfs. BlockBuddyRequest buddyName,! ToInt32 ageInput. By means of the input field and Send buddy available on the panel, a chat can be sent with a BuddyMessage request.

GetBuddyByName buddyName ; sfs. This is useful in the OnBuddyMessage handler to determine in which chat panel if more than one is chat the message must be displayed when the buddy is the current user.

Chat buddy

Find buddy. NOTE You should also read the comments to methods and properties in the example source code for additional informations and possible code optimizations.

Chat buddy

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