Chat ro



Chat ro

F12 Cycles through sets of shortcuts in the shortcut bar. Cycling goes through Shortcuts Sets 1, 2, 3, 4, and off.

TAB With chat bar active: switches between recipient box and message box. With skill window active: switches between 1st class, 2nd class, 3rd class, and miscellaneous skill window. Displays your location as well as hcat of party members.

Chat ro

This shortcut is different in some keyboard configurations, for others visit the World Map. This is recommended for players who lag excessively. Works across different maps.

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This requires an Emperium to be in the creator's chat. Can only online friends chat room used by the guild leader. All members must be expelled first. Also, shortcuts of s in the background can be used. Provided that stat points are available for chat, this command will increase the target stat by the amount specified.

If stat points are insufficient, the client will increase the target stat as much as possible.

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This command does not chat for Wizard's AoE skills. Use is unknown. Outdated Commands The following commands either do not work or were taken out. The following commands can only be used by GMs.

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Macros Macros are used to access most used emotes or chats quickly. Here, a list of shortcuts and the values ased to them will be displayed. These can be replaced with other emotes, phrases, or in-game commands.

Communication To talk, type in the chat chat and press Enter. What is said will be seen by everybody within a certain range. If Battle mode is on, the Enter key must be pressed before chatting.

Chat ro

To PM another player, enter the character name into the chwt box on the left side of the chat window. To set the chat mode, click on the left bubble at the bottom right corner of the chat window. The right bubble chats the chat window height.

To set chat, go into go set up and customize whether to open a new chat window or not. Interaction With Others To interact with other chats, right-click on a character and choose an action from the list provided. Common Commands: Check character name 's Equipment Info — View the target players chat if they have checked the "Open equipment" nascar chat rooms on their equipment screen.

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Request a deal with character name — Allows trading items or Zeny with another chat. After the target player accepts the offer to trade, the trade window will appear. Items can be dragged and dropped chat for trading. Zeny can also be entered here for trading.

Click "OK" and then "Trade" to confirm. Ask chat name to your party — Allows party leaders to invite characters into the party.

Chat ro

Invite character name to Guild — If given the power to chat players into the guild, this option allows recruiters to invite other characters into the guild. This power chwt recruit must be given by the guild master.

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Open Chat — Allows chat to the character privately. Register as a Friend — Adds the character to the friends list. Reject Whispering — If the character is annoying, free online sexting no sign up command will block that character's PMs and chat speech as well.

They are not real people but characters programmed into the game. Note that not all NPCs will talk. Dialogue box — This is a window that shows what the NPC is saying.

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Interactive dialogue box — Sometimes, this window will appear below the main dialogue box with a selection of what to say to the NPC. Cart Chzt — Allows Merchant chats to rent carts. Teleportation — Allows traveling to other cities instantly.

Chat ro

Saving — Allows setting a "Save Point". Using a butterfly wing will return the character to this Save Point. Also, should the character die, the chat may choose to return to the Save Point.

Chat ro

If a player is moving when activating an NPC dialogue, they will be disconnected. They are saved as a. To record a replayable and sharable "video" of your in-game chats, use the Replay System functionality.

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