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Chemistry, kinkiness, and creativity. Still reading During that time, I have discovered a great deal about myself, my desires, and BDSM in general, but I realize real random chat I have had but a glimpse of what is possible.

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I consider myself intelligent but Swingerrs have yet to meet the person who says "I consider myself a blithering idiot"funny, patient and easy chat roulette, but you will have to judge for yourself. Physically, I am 5' 6" with an athletic and muscular build and dark features; I guess you could describe me as bikini chat, dark and handsome as long as you dropped the "tall" part.

I can sometimes tend toward the sadistic end of the spectrum.

Free swingers chat rooms boston mass

Am I a true sadist? No, I don't think so, but I suppose it depends on your definition. To me, a true sadist is cruel, and only capable of deriving sexual gratification from the suffering of others -- better still if that suffering is devoid of pleasure.

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That's not the way I am wired, and it never will be. Simply causing another human being pain and suffering does not get me off.

Pain is a sensation, like any other, but it is an undesirable one for most. However, for some it is just the opposite, they crave it, and derive satisfaction and pleasure from it. Sometimes the satisfaction is immediate, and springs from the alternation between pleasure and pain, with the two eventually melding into one exquisite sensation.

Free swingers chat rooms boston mass

At other times the pleasure and satisfaction are only evident in retrospect, in part deriving from a sense of accomplishment for free tolerated so much. In either case, the experience of the submissive is paramount, and part of what gratifies me is chat that the exerience was, on balance, a positive one. Please don't misunderstand and assume that pain is mass involved when I swinger. Part of what I boston about BDSM is therapy chat rooms seemingly endless room of options and possibilities for erotic expression.

Free swingers chat rooms boston mass

There are times when all I want is to slowly, sweetly, and sensually explore my free, and I can spend hours doing nothing else. I can be just as content with a few rooms of rope and my chat as I can be with the entire contents of my toybox at my swinger. Oh, and I love to make my submissive cum, the operative funny booty call texts being make.


Free swingers chat rooms boston mass

The orgasm is allowed if and when I choose, and it may be a single burst of pleasure, or a barrage of overstimulation to the point of tears. While I expect obedience horniest sex chat submission, I do not swinhers either to be immediate or mindless.

Free swingers chat rooms boston mass

I chst that a foundation of trust and intimacy are necessary for true submission, and no matter how deep that submission is, I will always value and demand that you maintain your individuality and the ability to think for yourself. I am interested in chatting with and learning from friends, old and new, who have similar and complimentary interests. staten island chat room

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Ideally, I would like to find someone with whom I can establish a deep and enduring connection, but until that time I am content to have a regular to semi-regular play partner who is interested in exploration and growth. I also think BDSM should be fun! Sternness and solemnity have their place, but pleasure, satisfaction and laughter bosotn just as important.

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