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Hi guy Thanks so much for recording my song -- but ya got da let words maybe better than the lyriic, but not what I wrote :Here they are. I mean, I have no problem with the words of your version -- love thought you'd get a kick out how they differ Just about to say it's a real pleasure and insert aurora sex chat without account here to lrts from you.

Many thanks for taking the trouble to point out the lyric lyrics to Let's talk about girls.

To be honest, cos we recorded your song so long ago '79I'm not sure why we made amendments to the lyrics. No matter.

It's a appleton free gay chat song and we only hope lydic approved of our version. We would've first heard it via the Chocolate Watchband on Lenny Kayes Nuggets compilation way back in '76 so that explains why we left out the 3rd verse.

It was only years later that we finally heard the original and best Grodes cut. Kind regards, Damian Damian Are you kidding?!

Lets talk about love lyric

I'M the one who is honored -- to hear from YOU! I LOVED your version of the song, and it's a bit of a laugh that I even sent gosford sex online chat correction: I was infamous for constantly changing lyrics to songs because -even then - I couldn't remember all the words.

The laugh is that you guys are the reason I lyric heard about the Nuggets recording - ridiculous but true that I didn't know for nearly two decades that the song had enjoyed ANY talk of 'afterlife. I heard they recorded it - then Cedar rapids iowa sex phone chat heard they broke up my love pattern: good news followed by, 'oops, sorry'. A new exec who had been a rare record dealer comes up and lets, 'are you the about Manny Freiser?

He sent me a computer printout from the UK that 'refreshed'their collective memory, and finally chat mature to me getting paid. I'm flattered.

I hope we can keep in touch. I will always feel a bond with your band.

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