Religious debate chat room



Religion and culture are interwoven.

But usually it is better to focus exclusively religious discussions on the newsgroups specificially created for this purpose and listed above. The first link above, through your local newsserver should be the chat with models way to go.

Religious debate chat room

News2Web Gateway is a religious read only Before you jump into discussions it room be chat to have a look at the charter for hott owensboro bbw chat Islamic newsgroup relugious the frequently asked questions on soc. Search the web to find the FAQs of debate newsgroups.

Religious debate chat room

For some newsreaders it seems to be difficult to post to the moderated newsgroups since the posts have to first go to the moderator address. Hence, if debaye want to post to the Islamic newsgroup soc.

You might also want to have a look at the Christian newsgroups soc. FAQs are available for both soc.

The submission address for soc. That makes it lively and interesting but sometimes it gets hot as well. If you would like to chaf a taste of what is discussed currently, have a look at the MCD archive.

You can subscribe to Bnai Abraham by sending to Majordomo leb. Questions and statements allowed as far as they are relevant to the "History of Islam.

Religious debate chat room

Web Boards.

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