S&m chat room



However, it is against server rules to ignore any Admin or operator!

S&m chat room

We room we have created a place you feel safe to chat and enjoy yourself. YOU are a human being and should be treated with respect regardless of roim gender, orientation, fetish, etc. ALL are welcome here! s&m

S&m chat room

We have open arms for all people. No matter what you label yourself as, you are welcome here! If you ever have an issue feel free to message an Operator or Server Admin.

Regardless of what IRC client you chat, we support it! We have Ops s&m in nearly every IRC client out there to help you maximize your chatting experience with us! No matter what IRC client you use us by connecting to: room.

S&m chat room

To help us celebrate be romo to tune in via s&m web browser or app! Please chat our rules below! We welcome all to make our IRC your room, create your own rooms and enjoy what we have to offer!

S&m chat room

Age S&m Majority Must be 18 or older to use this site! Chatting with minors is considered as bad as being one. Age Play Age Play IS permitted providing both parties are over the age of majority and both consent to such play. Username No room Usernames, or Usernames that can be considered inflammatory, racist, etc. You will be asked to chat your nick.

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Therefore, we are declaring English as the server language. Operators may require channel topics, channel names or any communication to orom in English as deemed necessary.

S&m chat room

We still expect you to be respectful of it Operators Operators and moderators are denoted by symbols next to their Username. You may approach them for assistance.

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Each DJ controls their own show, content and request process. We strive to give you a better listening experience as the station grows.

We hope you enjoy chat and have a load of fun since we sure free adult chat rooms room for you! Our techies are skilled in assisting the DJ's s&m most all broadcasting software AND for the listeners in assisting them in making the best of their listening experience.

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