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Tell your care team if you have any of these problems.

They may recommend painkillers or a special mouthwash that can help. Laser twlk, where low-levels lasers are used to stimulate healing, have proved effective in treating or preventing mucositis.

Talk to pass the hot day

But as this is a new type of treatment, access to it may be limited. Loss of eay You may lose your appetite while you're mbuzzy chat room chemotherapy, but you should try to drink plenty of fluids and eat what you can.

Talk to pass the hot day

Skin and nail changes Some chemotherapy medicines can cause temporary changes to your skin. They can advise you local single chat creams that can help and how to protect your skin from the sun. This should go back to normal after your treatment has finished.

Talk to pass the hot day

Memory and concentration problems Some people have problems with their short-term memory, concentration and attention span during chemotherapy. You may find that routines tasks take much longer than usual.

It's unclear why this happens, but the symptoms usually improve once treatment is finished. Things such as using lists, post-it notes, calendars and your mobile phone for reminders can help. Doing cha cha chat mental exercises, eating well, and getting enough rest may also be useful. about insomnia.

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Some chemotherapy medicines can also reduce fertility chatting for teens men and women. Before starting treatment, ask your care team whether your fertility may be affected. If you're at risk of infertilitythey will discuss your options with you.

Women may be able to have their eggs frozen to be used later in IVF. You should avoid becoming pregnant or fathering during your treatment, as chemotherapy medicines could harm house wife chat baby.

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Use a barrier method of contraception, such as a condom. Your care team can recommend suitable medicines and diet changes that can help.

Emotional issues Having chemotherapy can be a frustrating, stressful and traumatic experience. Speak to your care team if you're struggling to cope emotionally.

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They can offer support and discuss possible treatment strategies. ing a cancer support group may also help. Talking to other people in a similar situation can often reduce feelings of isolation and stress. You can also call the Macmillan Support Line free on 00 00 every day, 8am-8pm.

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When to get urgent medical advice While the side effects of chemotherapy can be distressing, most are not serious. Infections pass be very serious if not treated immediately.

Talk to pass the hot day

Contact your care team immediately if you have any symptoms of an infection, these include: a temperature of above last reviewed: 29 January Next review due: 29 January

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