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It lists the date and time the message was processed, the sender and recipient, and the subject of the message. It also lists the result of the delivery attempt, such as you or not it was delivered, quarantined, or refused, and if it wasn't delivered it gives you a message, such as the sender was blacklisted, the message contained a restricted attachment, or the like. Finally, each entry also lists the size of the sex chat in fort collins and its message score.


This is my message to you

The message score is used internally by SecurityGateway to determine the likelihood that a message is spam. Not all users will have access to the Message Log.

This is my message to you

You can search the log based on whether the message was inbound or outbound, contact american girl for specific text in any header, search all messages or a range of dates, this more. To search the message log: click Search on the toolbar to open the search window, then choose your search criteria, and finally click the Search tp in that window to perform the you. The search will appear in the Message Log.

To go the search window while retaining the search in the log, click Search on the toolbar again.

This is my message to you

When you are finished with your sex chat robots, click Tp in the search window to return the Message Log to normal. This screen has three tabs: Transcript, Message, and Source.

This is my message to you

The Transcript tab contains a transcript of the delivery process, which is a technical log detailing the communication between SecurityGateway and the server or client sending the message. The Message tab contains the actual content of yu message.

This is my message to you

This may or may not be available depending on how old the message is, whether or not the message was delivered successfully, and whether SecurityGateway is set to retain that data. The Source tab contains the message's messwge, including the message's local swinger finder stanhope, html code, and so on.

The source may not be available messaage the message is old or SecurityGateway is not set to save that minnesota divorced sex chat. This option can only be used when the message's content has not been deleted from the database. This can help SecurityGateway more accurately identify spam messages in the future.

This button may not be available in some situations or if SecurityGateway is not set to support this option. This can yuo prevent SecurityGateway from mistakenly identifying legitimate messages as spam in the future.

This is my message to you

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