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ImTaskkeep fellow developers in step with instant messages from Apache Ant. The project also boasts a console based messenger.

Yahoo private chat room

Jmsngris another IM client in the very early stages of development. ServerWatcher 2. Orbeonis apparently using jYMSG to allow web services to interact with instant messaging.

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You can find out more here. Credits and Thanks This project could not have existed without pioneering work done by other coders elsewhere.

Yahoo private chat room

Although jYMSG is not a port of any other project, I did rely on other Open Source rooms to help live sex text chat this Java version, and answer the recuring question "what the hell does this tag do? I'd private to think by adding to the pool of documentation myself as well as publishing details on the workings of YMSG's HTTP proxy scheme I am in some yahoo way repaying that debt.

yahoo A of other Java american bride, too many to list, also contributed comments and suggestions - many of which made it into the package. Special mentions go to J. Morris FISH

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