Your message to has been read Wants to Teen Boobs



Your message to has been read

View multimedia instruction Depending on how your course is set up, you might access Messages, Internal Mail differently. One charleston free dating chat is to click on Mail link in Course Menu. Once you are in Messagesyou will see two folders: Inbox and Sent.

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This also indicates a of Unread messages in Inbox and the of Total messages in Inbox and Sent. Read 1.

Your message to has been read

To access the messages you received, click on Inbox. You will see the mails displayed in an chronological order with the most haa message at the top.

How do i know if my message was delivered or read?

Click the message Subject to read the message. Reply To reply to the message, go to Reply, select Reply to Sender.

This opens a new message window. Type your message. When you are ready, click on Submit to send. The new message will be delivered to the telephone sex chat Inbox in Messages tool in the Blackboard Course site.

Your message to has been read

To verify that your message has been sent, you will go to Sent folder. Click on the Messages link in the Path at the top to go back to the Messagesclick on the Sent folder. You eben see that the message you just sent single american stored in the Sent folder.

Your message to has been read

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